Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 34

A big thanks to Brian & Jennifer Lambert. May you & yours be richly blessed by our Lord. Thanks for letting us squat for the night. Bob and Casey enjoyed the grass & space. I watched them both have a good roll this morning. Even Casey got all the way over, which does my heart good because it is usually so hard for her. I think the exercise of working is good for her.
   Well there were gusts up towards 30 miles an hour today & just generally windy. So I knew Bob would be bent out of shape and difficult all day. But the sun was shining and we had people to meet. We zig-zagged our way around all day avoiding Hwy 35 and passing thru Kingsbury. They had a post office and no other businsses that we saw but lots of smiles and waves. We passed a huge property in this county (thousands of acres) that is according to our map a fish & wildlife preserve. But all the local folks will tell you that is an old munnitions plant. They made ammunition during WW2 and from the sounds of it it was huge.
   So tonight we are staying with Paul & Gayle's son, Bryant.Paul came out saw us first thing this morning, and Gayle checked in with us and helped with directions to their son's all day. Thanks so much to you both. The horse farm that Bryant is living on had been in thier family for 4 generations. Since the 1800's. When the great-great Grandfather (I hope I have this right) proved up on this property when he arrived at this country from Germany. This is the kinda stuff the REAL America is made of. More on these folks later. Horse people are an outstanding bunch!
   We met a lotta great people today and have a lotta prayer requests. So please take a second to pray on each of these with your heart. First devine appointment today was with Keith & Laurel Baker would like prayer for continued prosperity. Next we met Lisa & Sara, they wanted prayers for our troops.
Then we met two neighbors....Carol Kessler & Russ Sizemore. Carol lost a grand daughter (15 years old) in a tragic accident. And Dad needs prayer for comfort & peace. We have prayed that entire family be able to grieve and heal. And Russ lost a 7 year old grand son to cancer. We humbly ask that you hold up the entire family. Especially Mom & Dad. These folks live across the road from each other and Punkin and I were glad to see these neighbors have each other. We think God has them right where he wants them
   Then we met 4 young men right down the road from them. They were taking pictures and had questions. Bryan Curless lost his great Grandmother. John and Troy Adkins just lost their Mother. Alex Wiggins lost his Dad a couple of years ago. This is a lotta death for 4 so young men to handle. Could we all pray that the Lord comfort these fellows and fill the void created by their losses. And that they recognize it comes from God.
Lots of tearing at our hearts in some of these prayer requests today. Very emotional day. If you could just stand with us on some of these days.... I'm really proud of the 4 young men for talking with us and giving us their prayer requests. They were just hangin' out in a drive way the way fellows do and if you saw them driving by in your car you would (nor would we) not think to stop and talk and ask for prayer requests. Or talk about God as far as that goes. I thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity. And I hope everyone is as blessed as we have been thru out this Jorney.
A special thanks to Bob. Thank you Bother. May the Lord bless you richly!
Linda...thanks so much and YAY for the keys!!
Terri...I am on my 3rd stick!!! 
Good night and God Bless you and yours!

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