Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 18

Hi again!
Well, it is the Lords' day.  We rested. Last couple of days have been a chance to rebuild spiritually as well.  And, once again, the blessings just kept pouring in.  These ladies are awesome!  We met a co-worker, Ellen,  and some neighbors, Dale & Barb Parsons.  All very nice people.  Dale and Barb blessed Bob & Casey with some great fresh hay and brought over some potatoes and eggs and jalapenos.  Thank you so much you guys!  They have 2 oxen that they work with and Barb said she could see them doing this!  Come on!!  Company would be great!
We got all of our laundry done and had time to do the bedding as well.  Hung the sheets out on the line!  They smell wonderful!!
We are going to be wrapping the horses legs tomorrow as they are still trying to get used to their new shoes!  At least once a day, they want to trot which results in them kicking their own ankles!  Very sore.  So, we'll pad em up a little and see if that helps.  Hank said they'll get better as they grow into their shoes a little.  The next ferrier will know to leave some more hoof on the insides.  He couldn't do it when he did their feet because they were worn to short for any extras.
So, for now, that's all I know. 
OH!  Remember, I had posted before, prayers for my friend Sue.  She has some issues and would so appreciate lots of prayer to get her life back in the order she had it.  It's supposed to be her time in life and it has become an almost daily struggle.  Thanks
Also, Dale and Barbs son needs a miracle from the Holy Spirit to touch his heart and bring him back to Christ.  His life is in desperate need of the Lord!  Thanks so much!
So now THAT'S all I know for today.
Keep on believing, always have faith!  God is there and He wants to help us all!
God bless


marion said...

Sounds like you two are in the palm of God's hand. You are an inspiration to us left behind,so to speak. You have stepped out of the boat and are walking on the water. We are so blessed to be able to keep up with your travels. Now if the rest of us will do the same. Love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

HI Deb, Mark, This is Lisa again. These were the boots I use on my TB in the largest size they come in:

Anonymous said...

Hi (lisa ...yes AGAIN),
I found a like to Chief Noonday:

Anonymous said...

Here's a photo & location of Chief Noonday's marker: