Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 39

   It is Sunday! The Lord's day let us rejoice & be glad in it! Just hadda say that! Well after a wonderful breakfast and a hot shower we finally got going around noon. Thanks to Alan & Evelyn Radtke. You are gracious of hosts, and we thoroughly enjoyed your conversation. May the Lord bless you and smile upon you and yours.
   Very windy out today. But the team did great. Had to pull the wagon over once and grab my poncho & once because the wind was gusting so hard the wagon was rocking. First time for that. There was an enormous black cloud over us so I just decided to wait it out.
   We only did about 4 hours today but we covered 13 miles. We traveled Hwy 39 all day and are about 20 miles north of Monticello. We are at about Francesville. Hard to exactly pin point sometimes even though folks like to know where we are at.
   Little ice on the horses water this morning. Never a good sign! But the temp warmed plenty thru the day. I just couldn't feel it cuz of the wind. Punkin spent some time inside today to make some phone calls (Sunday is a free day) and that seemed to work pretty good. I didn't really need a navigator today. Forward all day!
This land is plenty flat, Bob & Casey are enjoying that...but the scenery is a little boring. Traffic was light with little to no trucks (Sunday). So the ponies trotted a lot today. As long as they kept it nice and slow and didn't slam the tongue back & forth I let um have their heads.
   We  met some  folks with some serious needs today. We met Connie & Brian Allen (mother & son) and Brian asked us to pray for the daughter of a friend. She's only 4 years old. She has been in the hospital for 4 months and has had parts of her stomach & intestines removed. They say she will be in the hospital for months to come. Please hold her up in prayer for a quick healing and swift return home. They also ask that we pray for Connie's other son Eric Tibbs who has cancer.
   We also met Delores whose husband died about a year ago. Please pray that she is able to grieve and begin living again. She asks that we pray for her unsaved loved ones.
   We also met Alice Kopka whose aunt passed recently. Lets pray for comfort for her. She knows that her Aunt is in heaven, but she misses her. Nice when we know our loved who died had a great relationship with the Lord.
We also met her Uncle Ernest Kopka, who asked us to tell Bob the Wagon Teamster he remembers you from a few years back when you stopped close by. Said you and some others had a little party and sang some great songs. So there you go Bob. Ernest says hi. Seems the gentleman who hosted you passed last year. I think we passed the barn. Black silhouette horses and some white picket fence pasture just behind. Sound familiar? Ernest came out to see us hoping it was you...hope he wasn't disappointed! chuckle-chuckle!! He left with a smile!
   Cowboy Bob...great to hear from you brother. Sorry our blog was giving you the blues. But glad you got through. We would love to meet up with you folks and share a camp and a couple of miles. Deb and I would love to see your outfit. You folks must look great heading down the road. We will try and catch you on facebook...but we are not getting much signal the last week or so. Hard to navigate around the web. Surprised we are getting our blog out at all some days. So what hwy's are in your future through Indiana?
   That's it for tonight. The wind whipped me today. It is lights out for us and the puppies. Good night and God bless each of you. Thanks for following and thanks for your continued prayer.
Well that's it for tonight.

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