Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 37

Hi all!
We're still in the same spot.  Needed some Bob time!  I don't know if  Mark mentioned but he has been quite the handful lately!  I know he talked about the hard time we had with him on Wednesday, spooking and being a general pain, but he was also not nice on a more personal note.  He has always pushed me around and walked over the top of me. That's why we got the leads with the chains from the harness shop!  But lately, he throws his butt around at me and as of yesterday just plain came after me and tried to bite!  This morning he did it to Mark!  Okay, somethings wrong. By all outward appearances, he's fine.  Eating, drinking, know, horse stuff.  But something just wasn't right.  He's just being mean to people and Casey. So...we started making phone calls to get a vet to come and see.  Margie gave me some numbers to try.  We called Jim & Sandy Alms that we met here.  Jim had a couple of ideas and a couple of vets to try but said he suspected Bob didn't feel well when we told him how out of character he was acting.  So, we waited.  Sherry from down the road had another number. Tom Traxel, however, he was in Michigan today.  I talked to him on the phone and he asked all the questions a vet would ask then said to try giving him some banamine (for colic) cause it wouldn't hurt him and might help.  We had a tube that we brought along just in case.  When I finally dug it out, low and behold, the tube had seperated and...empty!  Everyone around thought about it and didn't have any.  So we called Jim again.  He called Matt Thomas, who also lives right up the road, Pretty soon here they both came, Matt with a tube of banamine!  Thanks to all who came to our aid!  We decided to hitch them up and go down the road or maybe just as far as Sherry's since she had offered.  We got them geared up and here came Dr. Smith (Jim had called him earlier).  He said that Bob didn't have a temperature (sorry Bob) and his insides all sounded good.  But like everyone else, he says that the owner knows best if their horse is going thru something.  So, he gave him a general antibiotic, some vitamins, and some Bute (like ibuprofen).  He also left us with some banamine and bute.  Said give him bute tonight and in the am, but medically speaking...found nothing wrong.  Thank God!  Anyway, the whole ordeal and all the folks that came together for us and Bob we thank you all. The Lord always provides!  By the way...did I mention that all involved didn't charge us anything!!  Blessings.
After talking with Dr. Smith, he left us with a prayer request for his daughter (adopted).  She was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and just makes choices in life that are not beneficial to her.  When people think that she's just a bad kid, what they don't know is that she just can't help it.  So we all need to pray for her because who amongst us has always made the best of choices??  Thank God for grace and forgiveness!
We met Jim and Sandy Alms yesterday.  They blessed us with a loaf of pumokin bread! Mmmmmm!  Thanks!  They requested prayers for health and peace! 
Charles and Robert Troike would like prayers for all the farmers to get their crops in safely as there was a tragic accident last year!We also got a note from Kathy last night that said she lost a 21 month old nephew (Lattigo Cook) to Barth syndrome and would like prayer for a miracle cure!  She added that if anyone had a male child that is not thriving or meeting his milestones you can go to to learn more about this.  She is getting us an onion when she's in town.  Thanks so much!   And had fresh frozen mushrooms with her!
So, we should be all set to go in the morning.  While we are eating dinner and blogging, we are hearing the horses running.  Good sign!
So, that's another day in the life!  God bless you all and good night!
Kristine...we don't know how far we are going each day either.  All depends how many people we meet.  But thanks for the offer and if we get that far and that way, we'll surely contact you.
Jaime...fellowship was awesome! Never realize how much you miss the fellowship until it's not there!


Bob (the Wagonteamster) said...

Hi Mark and Deb, It sounds like your horse is staging a little rebellion and needs a little reinforcement type training. He needs to be reminded that he should be submissive to you. If you don't have a round pen to do it in, the best way is when he's hitched up (it will be good for the mare too). Find a clear spot where you can make some turns with the wagon (like a parking lot), then put him through about 15 to 20 minutes of obideance training by repeatively making them: Back up about 20 feet, then step turn to the left, then to the right, then go forward about 20 feet, then back, etc. It sounds like he's starting to lose respect for you. Do this every day or two for a week, then once a week thereafter. You'll be amazed at the difference it will make in him (them). Take care, Bob

Terri said...

Saw Bob's (wagonmaster) tips and they are good ones. A horse has to have respect his people and know who is in charge.

Deb, if you are starting to get alittle nervous while being around Bob (horse) there is an old trick that truly does work. Get a bag of mints (any kind that you like, LifeSaver makes a good wintergreen). These mints are not for the horse they are for you. Every time you start to handle Bob put a mint in your mouth. Don't try it just once, it might take a time or two.

Somebody has to be in charge and it sounds like Bob is giving it his best shot. So work him and work him and then work him some more. If he has the energy to be out running around, he has the energy to work. Don't give him time off until he deserves it, no matter how tired you are. That horse needs to work.