Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 12

   Front Brakes done! Brand new brake cylinders and pads on both sides. Sure glad we brought a few tools along. That outta get us! Punkin & I did the work. She is an outstanding handy assistant. And rather easy on the eye balls too! No wonder I married that girl. She does have this little quirk about living in close quarters though. I can't quite get a handle on it myself. 4ft isle 6ft long and the rest bed, storage and stuff. Plus two dogs and a 250lb husband.(wink!)
   So we repacked this evening and have more hay coming in the morning. Should be a great day to travel. Be nice to get 5 in a row with no break downs or mishapps. Horses should be well rested. They have calmed down into their own selves again, now that there are no other horses around.
   This weather has been out standing the last couple of days. Hope it holds.
A big thanks to Fred and Tammy. They have been a great help with lifts to town use of a floor jack and jack stands. And to Clyde and his wife with help of water and electric. What a great community the Lord led us too. Please hold these guys up in prayer for blessings in abundance, along with Hank and his family who called to check in on us today.
That's it for tonight. Can't wait to see what devine appointments await us tomrrow.
On the road again...
Good night & God bless.


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