Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 32

Had another day off!  Well, kinda! Got laundry done, new nut on the tee of the front brakes (now we need another power bleed) but the leak is fixed. Thanks Kevin! We also modified the attachment for the tow bar, picked up insulin, propane and TP! And a shower!!  How much more set can you be?!  AND PIE!!  We had pie with the family!!  Mmmmmmmm, great stuff! Got hay bought for the ponies. Looks like a good a big thanks to Kevins brother. While we are speaking of Kevins brother Ryan, another big thanks to him for coming out and tightening one of Bob's shoes and trimming a little hoof off to try and help him keep from banging himself up.
Halter's horseshoeing if ya need a farrier in the area. He wresteled with Bob and won! I believe that this brother could straight-up body slam a regular size horse. snicker-snicker!!
We met aunt's and uncles tonight and a fabulous Grandma. A nice warm comfortable home with lot's of family and they made us feel right at home. Deb will have all the names and prayer requests tomorrow.
Supposed to get some rain tonight but dry tomorrow. Hoping for a good day of travel. We are going down hwy 20 to 600 south. We still have a lot of westward to do to escape the mountains and hills of TN, but it will be nice to go straight south for a while.
Leaving is always hard. we have a back trail of great folks it was hard to leave. Should make the return trip even more fun.
A big thanks to Bob the wagon teamster for great advise AGAIN!Sure would be nice to actually meet on the road someday!
Good night and God bless to all.


marion said...

Still following your adventures, thanks for taking the time to share. May God keep and bless you.

Journey for Jesus said...

Thanks Marion