Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 15

Hi folks. No miles today.We got in soooo late last night. Barely got the horses fed before dark. And only got it done by then because Bo & Lisa helped get them unharnessed & sprayed down. Plus we didn't have to put a fence up because they let them out in their "dog yard", which their horses go into sometimes to keep the lawn trimmed. So we rested today. The horses recovered quickly after a brutal day yesterday. The hills were tremendous, and one after another.
Breaks went weak on us again yesterday. We never lost them altogether but on steep hills they were ineffective and spongey. They wouldn't pump up enough to keep the wagon off the horses.We were about to our destination and went down a steep hill and I was trying to hit a right turn in the middle of it...yikes. I felt like stunt man driving in a wagontrain segment. That was crazy! But Bob and Casey did great. I am finally coming to realize what a great team these two are.
Another time we were coming down this huge hill and there was a curve at the bottom. So I am praying for breaks and again about half way down the wagon starts creeping on the they start trotting then a gallop....and I don't have to look next to me to know the look on Punkins face.I can feel the "concern" radiating next to me. It is a quiet radiation...slightly subline...kinda like a nuke must produce. we are racing down this incline at a high rate of speed and I start adjustinfg for this curve...teeth clenched like I was chompin' a 4 hour old cigar...when suddenly a car appears! So here we are racing down the middle of the road and know I have to "G" Bob over, get the wagon and trailer over and still pray I can negociate this turn at the bottom. Again I realized what champion horse Bob really is. This guy is incredible. I wasn't doing to bad either. I might be able to claim that teamster title after a couple years of this.
So long story short ...Lisa helped us tremedously...she called the local brake shop and got the OWNER to come out and look at the wagon. He knew right away what was probably wrong. Do to the type of back axels used they mounted the wheels upside down.  And air being lighter than the fluid  there is not way you will ever get the breaks bled. You can not force all the air out the bottom. So off our home goes to the shop tomorrow. They will hook it to a power bleeder and see if they can get the air out.
So we pulled the tongue off and put the ball recepticle on, in preperation for morning. Big thanks and gratitude for Lisa Halbert and Bo Norby for all their help and patience with us squatting on their property. They have helped  us in soooooooooooooo many ways! She even bought us some hamburger & chips today before Deb could get her $ out. And that truely is above and beyong being hospitable! Thanks so much for all. We pray the Lord bless these folks back for all that they have helped us with 10 fold.
We would also ask that all of you pray for Beatrice Coles' son.  For his salvation.
Again...all of our needs were met and exceeded.  That's what we pray for all of our followers and everyone we know and are yet to meet!  Thank you Lord!
God bless.  We'll talk again tomorrow. 


marion said...

I love reading your posts. Keep up the good works. You two are amazing, we love you and are thankful how God is taking care of you. We watched the YouTube interview, it was great. Jody and Marion

Journey for Jesus said...

Hi Marion! We sure love you guys too! We miss you all.
Aren't these days just amazing! There are so many people that need so much prayer! Hope we are helping! Love ya!!

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Could you post the YouTube link?