Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 27

   So I'm standing there this morning doing the usual routine watching the kids eat their oats while I'm sorta viewing life in a groggy half awake state....when I notice a hunk of something sticking up out of the ground in miniature pasture. Hummmmmmm is that metal? Kinda looks like metal. Hummmmm don't remember any metal sticking up there last night??? I coulda missed it though. Seems I miss a lotta things as I get older. Nothing major ya understand... fingers-1/2  my thumb-my brain. (chuckle-chuckle!!) Nothin' I can't live without! Anyway so I coulda missed it. What the heck is it? I hope it's not what I think it is.....awwwww dag nabbit! It is what I think I bet! So I crawl under the fence and reach for it... and LO and BEHOLD it is a bent horse shoe. One of the beasts have thrown a shoe. Bob you punk ! Gonna be a late start today.
   So we called a few folks for recommendations but came up empty. But thanks for returning our calls and trying to help just the same Hank & Nick. We finally saw a fellows name on line and gave him a call. Paul Tucker is his name, and a fine gentleman he is too. Unfortunately he was shoein' horses in Indiana and his forge just wasn't big enough for Bob's size 9 shoe. So he gave us a friends (they work together sometimes) number & he doesn't do a lot of draft horses either but he had equipment big enuff to do it. His name is Greg Wilson and not only did he fix us up but he taught us a few things  and was good company to boot. Actually Greg and Paul both showed up and that was great. They are checking on some boots for the fellows so they'll stop hurting their own feet. So they definitely went the extra mile for us. Paul asked us how we found him and we said on-line. He said "that's the second job I picked up on-line and I don't even own a computer!" Paul also kicked us a spray can of antiseptic for the feet. Thanks to both of you fellows. Good job Greg. I would recommend these fellows to anyone in the area.
   So by the time we got rolling we only got nine miles maybe ten, on a cloudy day. Since we were back in off the hwy the roads were lots of hills. We finally made it back up onto hwy 60 and heading SW again. Heading for US hwy 12 for a short stretch tomorrow which is a four lane hwy and fast and furious. Not looking forward to that...but I am sure that we will be fine. The guys are going to have to get used to these roads eventually....they're better on roads with a lot less hills. But we will always stay shy of the four lane roads whenever we can.
   Had a great devine appointment with Machelle Ort, and her daughter Catchet Young. And her two beautiful grand childeren. Her only prayer was for a working furnace for her & her granchildren in their new home. And a prayer that their "fresh start" goes well.So pray with me please that an angel from somewhere (Cassopolis area I think) get this family on Hospital Road (right off 60) some heat before winter falls on them.
   We also met their neighbor who had passed us along the way and called Michelle out of the house, named Pat LaPorte. He said "I have lived here for 41 years and NEVER have I seen anything like this! His only prayer is for good health and a safe journey for us. Thanks Pat.
And thanks to all of you you for checking in on us for Day 28. Keep up the prayers....because we are nothing without God and you folks.
Good night and God bless you & yours. See ya tomorrow!


Terri said...

Keep on keeping on! You are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to do! Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Not every day you see that coming down the road. When i saw that, it just put me in a great mood. I really felt the present of God all around you. My thought and prayers are with you and your family.
LJ Brown

pastor.jaime said...

God is definitely using the six of you out there for His glory!

Anonymous said...

Mark and Deb....glad to see you are still on the road! Been keeping tabs!

Where abouts are you now??

Tami and Fred
Vermontville, Mi