Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 21

Howdy folks....this here ain't Punkin speakin'. Your gonna have to put up with the fat man tonight, for todays summaries and news. But before we head off a brief recap on the past two days. LOTS OF MILES!! When we put in last night Westy Lou (great name) directed us to his son-in-laws (past the corn field, go past some pines and look for a drive. I couldn't really see a drive so I pulled the rig in across where I thought it was). It was a spot he had a shed and a huge garden but no house. So no neighbors. And we hoped we were in the right spot. But to be totally honest with ya I was toooooooooo tired to care. We raced to get some fence up before dark ...and get the kids watered & fed. It was dark long before I was done...but we got 'er done.
So we slept in a little. I rolled out and got the kids fed. Came back in & the coffee was perkin' when we heard a car pull up. Punkin sticks her head out the door and a gentleman says "can I ask you what your doin' here?" So Deb tells him everything that was said the day before. He gives her the two thumbs up and says, you asked the right guy then and leaves. Wierd moment. He was the son-in-law.
So we pushed off late but everyone was rested.
Then Scott Roberts brought us some water for the they had drank the 35 gallons we had for them the night before. No water available at our over night spot. Plus a quick ride to the store. Thanks so much Scott. And thanks to Ryan Schlee for the tomatoes and peppers. Beautiful day for travel. Road news...Bob led us under a railroad bridge that went down to single lane....did it without a hitch. And crossed over the top of 94 (that got us a beep from a trucker below) smooth as could be.
Our ministry started early and with a flare. We met Francois 1st.  He was driving down the road (Red Arrow Hwy) in his semi and stopped immediately!  He jumped out of the truck with his camera!  Francois is from Rowanda! He was so excited and wanted to interview us to put on his facebook to his people in Africa.  He said he was so happy to see people taking the time to work for God and he LOVES horses.  We told him where we'd be turning next so we could get off the hwy and he said he'd meet us there with his small car!  Great guy!
Next we met Dick Rumbaugh and his neighbor, Ann Lambert, Dick was going to walk across with Ann because she has macular degeneration (prayer request) and could hardly see the horses but she didn't want to cross. Very busy road (still Red Arrow Hwy).
So we finally got to our turn and sure enough, here came Francois and his wife Sonia. His whole name is Francois Nambajimana.  We could have talked for hours!  What a couple!  He is a Rowandan refugee here from the genecide period!  We asked if the movie was close to the truth and he said yes, they told it right.   His wife said it was underplayed.  So if you get a chance, watch "Hotel Rowanda" very intense.  Now Ann on the other hand is a refugee here from Europe.  She came here at age 3 and is one generation removed from the holocaust!  WOW!!  Like I said...we could have talked for hours!  What lives they had to tell!  Francois has written a book and gave us one that he signed for us!  Has nothing to do with the genecide's about an elephant that he saved from being killed.  Then years later...that same elephant saved his (Francois') life!  The end of the book tells that he was once a renowned safari guide!  Worked with Dian Fossey, the gorilla lady!  How awesome!  Right there on the side of the road in Michigan, USA!
Our next meeting was with a young lady named Patty.  She would just like prayer and blessed us.
So it was finally time to look for a resting place for the night. We plodded along, praying like always and then we saw it...a small yellow house with horses and a loop in front that we could easily swing.  Mark waited while I (yes, it's me again) went up to see if anyone was home.  I found someone working in the pasture but she said she didn't live here. Then Bernadette pulled up.  She said she could get the horses water but staying was a different story.  She only rents the house.  So she made a call and another lady came riding (horseback) up.  The one she needed to talk to.  So here we are.  Had a short day for the horses sake.  Never guess where we ended up!  TrueVine Equestrian Ministry!!  They work with horses and kids, and one of the 1st things Bernadette told me was, we speak Jesus here!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!?!  A ministry landing at a ministry.  I am AWEFUL at remembering names without my notebook and don't want to mis-speak so I'll get all of the names in the am so I get it right.  Got a ride into town and we ate dinner by the bonfire!  And a shower to boot!  Another great place for us to be.  God is great, isn't He?
So while we were washing down the horses, here comes Ann Lambert (from Red Arrow Hwy)!  With Terry and John O'Shanty!  They got together after we passed thru and decided to come looking for us.  They looked for horse droppings!  Didn't find any but they did find us!  Nice to chat a minute. More great folks!
I have to answer comments on here so I can be sure we get them answered.
Don...great to hear from you!  Had some bugs to work out but yes, pretty settled now!  Thanks for following!
Lisa...Hi there!  LOL, I bet you DID think oh-oh! But no, the breaks are great! Duane rerouted us off some big hills. Hit a whopper just west of the Kalamazoo River.  Horses stopped half way up.  That was no bueno.  I got out and walked (ran) ahead of them so they'd follow.  Whew!  we did make it!
Dotti...welcome and enjoy!
Mandi...Hi girlfriend!  Thanks for the note and kiss em all, ESPECIALLY THOSE BOYS cause they hate it! Hug that precious baby girl too (plus the kiss)! Hug Shaun too!
That's about it for this day.  Pooped out again and ready for bed!
I guess I just have to say that faith makes the whole difference in this life. Just keep believing and please give the folks on the list loads of prayers.
God bless.  Have a great day!


pastor.jaime said...

Awesome stuff...I'm so thankful for all of your blessings and answered prayers! And I am praying with you for these friends!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for letting me and my mom see your wagon it was really sweet! My mom said if you need anything just call dave or just come over to our house.
Thanks Chad and Mary Bowersox