Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 20

Good evening! 
Another long day!  We started out packing up at The Alamo Auto Repair.  What great guys! Duane Wine and Quentin Sheldon made sure we had everything we needed to get off to a good day.  Watered us up, checked the tires,  gave us directions around the hills!!! and great words of encouragement.  Thanks guys! If any of you are in the Alamo area...go see these guys when you're looking to get some work done!  Off we went!
We talked to a few people today! Everybody is so nice, well except for the guy in the pickup that apparently didn't like waiting to get around us!  Not so nice.
We had a few offers for a place to stay tonight, but it was a little too early to stop.  So we are tucked in about 2 miles north of Mattawan.  That means we should be crossing 94 tomorrow!  Maybe Indiana????  Farm country, one way or the other!
We do have a few new prayer requests!  It is so awesome to be able to bring people together in prayer!
Duane  Wine's girlfriend, Sherry Wilson, needs some healing prayers for her back.
Rita Anderson is very grateful to be a cancer survivor! Praise God.
Dana Harrison is praying to find that small farm she is looking for!  When we met her she was waiting for the realtor to show her the place she found on line that just popped up 5 minutes earlier!
Tacie Hetrick brought the horses water and needs some prayer for her shoulders, neck,back, arms, hands.  Lots of pain. And that her foster puppy (he's a biter) finds a home that will understand and love him forever.
Karen & Annette are neighbors and we met them while they were out walking.  Between them they have a list of prayers for prople suffering from cancer.  The list is...Butch, Sherry, Pat, Rebecca, Sally, Rob, Debbie (stage 4), and Uncle Karl who has feeding and drainage tubes.  They both would also like prayer for more baptisms and conversions in the family.
Tacie & Annette are also the offers that we had for respite for tonight.  Thanks so much!
Beyond all that, we are finishing another blessed day!
Thanks for your comments.  Marion, we miss you all.
Terri, I guess I'll give the singing a try!  Hope we don't run in the ditch (wink) Thanks.
Lisa, thanks for the link.  good stuff!
We hope that all of you that we know and have met are blessed and have a great day!
I (Deb) could used some prayer for missing home & family. Some days......
God bless!
Faith will see us all through.


Don G said...

Mark & Deb
Great to see that you guys are doing so well on your journey. I read your progress report every morning and am glad to read that the "kids" have got setteled down and adjusted to the road. Keep the faith.

Dottie said...

Love your blog and your journey/ministry. I got your info from Bob Skelding the Wagonteamster. I met him on his first day out of New Hampshire and have been following him ever since. Now I plan on following you too. Thanks for what you are doing and for letting us enjoy the ride as well. Prayers for all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to say hello and give some support. Ill kiss my babies for you. Glad you are being taken care of and safe. Love, Mandi

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa again. I just caught up reading & was initially worried that you were at a garage, because you had brake problems again. WHEW! Sorry the traffic on M-89 was bad. Also WARNING there are some down hill ski places near D Ave ~ 131. Hopefully you can head SOUTH before those hills.