Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 31

We left the Smith family this morning in much better shape than what we arrived in. Restocked on people food! Thanks much for all  & may God bless. Trust & believe for God can do all things. (another family needing a furnace.... please pray for them again today)The horses were primed and ready. Not only did they have plenty of grass they had some 3rd crop alfalpha hay. They tore up a bale over night and were seriously chomping at the bit ready to go.
We had a hard frost & it took a while to warm up but what a great day. SUNSHINE!!! We were only a block or two down the road when a pick up truck with a horse trailer (with horse) swung in front of us. It was our last nights neighbor Sherriff Rick. He came back to us bearing gifts! He gave us two sweatshirts with Notre Dame emblazened on the front and said "don't forget Notre Dame in your travels across country!" Thanks so much brother, may God return your generosity 10 fold. It was great meeting you.
We traveled the Chicago trail all day today. The original road between Chicago and Detroit in the 1800's. Deb has some great pic's she will share later. We saw one stone on the road side that said MICHIGAN CHICAGO HWY 1916.
We also saw a church in Hamilton Grove that served and was built after the war of 1812. Obviously not the original building but a very old church on a very old sight. Very cool stuff today. Not too many people stopped to talk with us today. So after a lot of hills early, things leveled off and we did a few miles. We actually are in Indiana tonight so there is our first state behind us. We drove until late but landed in a perfect place.
We are on a small farm with Kevin and Sam, and their girls Kamryn and Chiana. Plus their two puppies and one cool cat. We got invited in for a great dinner and a good camp fire afterwards. What a nice place on earth these folks have for themselves. They would like us to pray for peace in this world we live in.
We lost our front breaks again so I think I will spend a minute looking at them and fixing a couple of other things on the wagon that need attending to.
We met Sharon today on the raod and she would like us to pray for health for her family.
AND...I missed a name on day 25? The day we were at the feed mill.  We talked with Elise Feister for a long time and I'm so sorry I forgot to add you on that day! We really enjoyed meeting you!
That's about it for this day.
Terri...that's exactly what we keep reminding ourselves of!  It's the destination
Sherry...Thanks so much for resending those pictures, I got them opened this time.
Lisa...I got the rest of your pictures open as well!!  I must be on a role!
Also, anyone in the Banfield area that needs auto service should check out Goldworthy's!  Great guys, great job!
God bless to all!  Good night!

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