Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 28

WOW!  4 weeks already!!
We woke up to rain, rain, and COLD!  I never saw a horse shiver before!  Sooooo...we had to move on.  We knew we had to get those guys warmed up and into shelter.
But, before we left the Pohlman (spelling) farm we had a visitor!  We met Aaron Mueller!  Aaron is a reporter.  He got a call about an unusual request from Cindy P. and should come out.  Well, I don't know if you all know how we feel about interviews, but the rule is that we only do them if all the glory goes to God.  NOT US!!!  And you know what?  The Lord sent us a believer!!  How awesome again.  We got interviewed and prayed up all in one shot!  Aaron is a youth pastor at his church and is considering going back to school, you guessed it...seminary!  He is praying on that and waiting to know which way the Lord wants him to move.  So...can we all pray for wisdom and discernment for Aaron?  He was a pleasure to meet!
When we left, we were only going to go far enough to get the horses taken care of even if it was the next house.  Don't get me wrong, Cindy did offer her barn.  But only beams to tie to, we didn't think the guys would deal.  Anyway, along we went and pretty soon, a car pulled over and a lady got out.  We told her that we were looking for a place to pull in to get out of the weather.  She asked if we could follow her.  LOL...can you drive that slow?????  So we did.  She found us a small business that could give us electric but no shelter or water for the horses.  That's when we met Danny Frantz.  He said there was a HUGE farm down the road and we could follow him.  It wasn't long and we came to an intersection that, Thank God, we made on the green light.  Then M-60 became divided hwy.  Hmmmmmmm...that's when I saw the sign that said--NO UNMOTORIZED  VEHICLES!!!!  Oh boy.  But, on we went.  What could we do at that point?  We were commited.  I was really whacked!  I kept telling Mark...we can't be here...what are we going to do?...We have to get off of here!!  You know, gentle prodding ;) Then I started seeing on ramp signs for US 12.  Then a sign that said...STATE POLICE 2nd RIGHT.  Really OH BOY!! Mark just kept going, following Danny.  FINALLY!!!!  A cross road sign, JUST before the entrance ramp!  YEAH!!!!!  Almost to the Peterson farm.  Danny got out to tell us that he had already spoken to the Petersons' and they had a barn for us.  We waited outside the driveway waiting for directions to where they wanted us but they said just come and see what we have.  Mark was gone for what seemed like forever!  When he came back, he said we were all set.  While he was gone, a car parked in the drive.  Bob decided to swing around it in the grass and HOLY COW!!!  We buried one side of the wagon all the way to the frame.  That back wheel was GONE!!  I'm telling you, if I could have reached my camera.........and I tried because it was now much closer to the ground than it used to be, but, no luck.  Anyway,  apparently there was a new water line put in there YESTERDAY!!  Big mud!
So after all was said and done, we were soaked & freezing.  The horses are all tucked in for the night and we have electric to charge some batteries with.  And Danny???  Well, he brought us hot coffee and some apples.  We all need to pray loads of blessings for him.  That last 3 miles took way over an hour, but he patiently lead us along and stayed until we were put.  Thanks so much!  Even brought his grand daughter to see us.
Terri...thanks for the encouragement.  Days like this make you wonder if you really are in the right spot.  (we are)
LJ...Thank you so much for a safe haven and your prayers.  Your family is in ours as well.  Mark says...THANKS FOR THE MEAT BROTHER!!! lol
Halee...Thank you so much for the pictures! As you can see, they are up!
Tami & Fred...HEY!!!  Good to hear from you!  We are just off M-60, just east of Niles, getting ready to hit Indiana!
Thanks to all for following and helping to hold us ALL up in prayer each day.  Miracles WILL happen.
Sherry...How's Beth doing?
So for now, Good night and God bless!

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