Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 24 & 25

Hi folks. Sorry we skipped yesterday it was just toooooooooooo windy to move. Everybody was rested and ready, the weather just wasn't co-operating. Bob & Casey struggle in the high winds, and I didn't have the heart to put them through it just for miles.
So we spent the extra day with Dan & Bonnie Lehew. Just outstanding people of God. Dan's Mom died last week & we wish you would all hold him up in prayer. His Mom had a great relationship with the Lord. And she told Dan she was ready to go home. So they miss her, but know she is in a better place.
   We got a great shower & laundry done at their son and his family's house. They are Dusten, Shannon, and their boys, Dawsen & Matthew. Both of the boys blessed us with great drawing and colored pictures. Sound like we had a great visit and started late? Yup! Great company once again. But this journey is about people not miles (even though I feel the snow breathing down my neck) and we had a great time. Thanks folks & may God bless and hold all of you all the days of your life.
And even though we didn't get to talk but a second when I was unhitching the horses thanks to Jeff & Halee Surach. Halee did a quick interview and pictures for
And thank you to Ben & Jessica Lehew for the great hook-up
   We are still traveling down hyw 40. It was a very beautiful day. We didn't get a lot of miles but we met some great folks along the way. Bob & Casey were amped & ready. Even though they keep kicking themselves in the feet they trotted for the first two miles. We treat their feet twice daily. Lots of hills today but only 1 with any challenge in it and they quick stepped the whole thing. We have about twenty miles to do tomorrow (hyw 40 South-to-hwy 60 west ) and we will hit a mill in Vandalia and restock on some sweet feed. Need to start searching for some hay again too. We have about three days worth.
   Before I talk about who we met today I gotta tell you this. Bob and Casey are spending the night with the chickens. There is a chicken pen in the fenced in pasture where they are propped up for the night. So I let everyone know in advance that this could be real entertaining cuz Bob and Casey have not met chickens, up close, before! So we walked them in and chickens went everywhere squalking at the invasion. Bob and Casey ran the perimeter a couple of times seeing where their boundries were and I think checking the grass for chickens. The chickens stayed gone until I brought their grain down. And Bob eats like me...I wear a portion of my food and he can't keep his grain in his lips while he's chewing. Casey buries her head in her bucket and you won't see her head again until she's done. Bob on the other hand gets a bite and looks around...I guess he is afraid someone will creep on him while his head is down. Good instinct for survival...but he loses tons of feed. Thanks to Kevin, Gretchen, and their Son Cole. Gretchen met us on a four wheeler with lots of questions and a smile. About a mile from their house. We found her later sitting at the edge of her drive inviting us in...we gladly accepted. Nice folks and we will not get to spend much time with them cuz tomorrow is Monday and they are all off starting their schedules early. Thanks to all of you nice folks. May God bless you richly for your hospitality to traveling strangers.
Today we also met Sherry.  She left us with an open invitation to stay at her house if we take that route!  Thanks Sherry.  Have to see where we end up.
Then we met Ellen and her son Jase.  Their request for prayer was that her husband can someday get back to farming to be there with his son growing up. He is an electrician now.
Well, another day well spent. Godd night to all and we'll be back tomorrow!
God bless!  May ALL of your prayers be answered.  We'll keep knocking :)


Terri said...

Hey There! I keep reading and I keep smiling. I went to the Great Lakes International on Saturday and of course have to wander through the vendors in case there is something that my spoiled Percheron or mule needs. If you should get down by Shipshawana there is a harness shop right on the road into town(I think that's 5) called Shipshawan Harness. I have purchased a few items from them over the years and had them make me a few special pieces as well. The guy that knows the most about equipment is named Bob. He has a variety of types of boots for drafts. I noticed some nice leather ones that would probably be the answer for the kicking problem with the horses. If they don't have the correct size they could make them right there. It would solve the daily wrapping and save money in the long run.

I know you are trying to beat the cold and snow in MI by getting the miles in, however, you are now learning what is important in life and it isn't miles. You are touching souls and blessing so many. It takes awhile to slow down in this life but once you have learned that, you will feel the weight get lifted off your shoulders and be more happy and content inside.

God is watching you and somedays he is holding you up. Keep up the blessings.

marion said...

Mark, are you planning on writing a book of your adventures? You are a great story teller. God Bless and keep you both.

Shannon said...

We feel so blessed to have had you stay at our home for 2 days. The boys have missed seeing you all and of course Bob and Casey. You have changed us in a great way! I find myself checking up on you guys daily to see where you are, or others call us and say that they saw you.
Take care and may God bless you all on your journey!