Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 30

What a day!  The horses were ready to go!  Two days tied in a barn isn't their cup of tea!  Bob managed to get his lead under the handle of the water I need to tell you where that went?!  FLOOD! One of the boys told Mark that his Grandma said she heard the pump running all night.  He checked on their animals and he couldn't find anything running, thankfully, they have animals and he said their cows have done that same thing before. WHEW! So, we left the Peterson's and pray for blessings on that family for taking us in when the horses needed it most!
Our devine appointments started right up just down the road!  A car stopped to say they had seen us in the paper.  We haven't seen the article yet but I understand that it was in the Thursday Niles paper. I think.  Thursday edition.  We'll have to check it out! Of course I quickly bought a paper, but it was todays!
So anyway, I ran into the Marathon station and got Mark a hot breakfast (lol).  A breakfast bowl (like you were looking for on brake day, Lisa!) So we talked to folks the whole time he ate.
If you are looking for us, we landed on Portage Rd. between Niles and South Bend, IN!!  We will FINALLY cross that border tomorrow!  We are going back up to Bertrand Rd though.  We want to steer waaaaaayy clear of South Bend.  When we went around Niles today, we had some serious crossings!!  The intersection we came out at from Fort St was 51 with no lights.  We waited forever then while I was praying for a break in the traffic, Mark just prayed to make it and off we went!  WE MADE IT!  The reward was Taco Bell on the other side!  Mmmmmmmmm...good stuff!  Seems like a million years ago that we had any fast food! Then down 3rd to Bertrand.  We crossed the St. Joseph river with ease and just when we were wondering about the hill situation (some pretty big ones) we met a gentleman that told us we were there.  Last one! He was right.  Pretty smoothe from there on. That's where Lynn found us and asked if we needed a place for the night?  We did.  So here we are.  We got here before Lynn and were on the road trying to determine if we had the right place and would we fit?  Her neighbor Rick came to our rescue!  He walked it out with me and made some suggestions for Mark about where to swing it. Not exactly where Lynn said to land but we're good.  Safe and sound and even got a ride to Walmart to get our medicines refilled!  YEAH!!!!  Oh, did I mention that Rick is the local Sheriiff?  pretty cool.  Loved the horses Has 4 himself.
So today we found people, not miles, and that's the journey after all, right?  Here are all the requests for the day and we already know, we don't have all the names that came to see us!  Well, Mark while I was Walmarting was chatting with lots of people!
So, here's what we got.  We met:
Val Barrett...would like prayer for her son.
Billy Washington...More peace for the world, bring our troops home!  He loves God, country, and cars!
Manny...says his wife is celebrating her 34th wedding anniversary tomorrow, Saturday. He says he's just in it for the food!  LOL, he Thanks God that they are still together and have 2 great children and 1 grandbaby.
Chris, Taylor, & Sloan...Chris just wants happiness for his family.  He takes trips like this on his bike.
Anneke and her mom Miki...No more cancer in their family.
Erin and her daughter Kameryn...for health and happiness.
Brian Peare...happiness for his family. have her health restored! be a better Christian and don't let my faith waver even a little bit!
And finally, Lynn & Bob, Destiney, Daniel Smith, and friend Martha Berdow.  The Smith's need their furnace fixed quick before winter and Destiney would like a great volleyball season.
Mark Radecki and his girlfriend brought a couple of bales of hay and homemade grape jelly...bless them!  They asked for prayer for his girlfriends health.
And then the unnamed that also came to see us.  Lord, bless them all!  You know their needs.
So, that's it for tonight.  Pooped again.  But, revived in Spirit!
Bob & Denise...I LOVE Sienfeld!!!  But already knew that ;)  Love you guys!
God bless.


Terri said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Keep up the good work. Remember it isn't about the miles it is about the people you touch. A good day is traveling twenty miles but a better day is traveling 2 miles and touching 20 people. Bless you both!

Anonymous said...

Very true Terri! I've found that I'm traveling & meeting the people through you, Deb & Mark. Today I was thinking of how this is the great stuff of books. Then you could think about a book tour ; o
ps: when I think of Seinfeld -it's "Rusty! and the beef-a-reenos (or whatever they were called)
Lisa & Bo