Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 38

Day 38 we finally left the Fryman's. Felt like we stayed too long....but that's just winter making me nervous. We had a great send off and a great day. Bob is his old self again. His aggression is gone. He was quiet as can be getting hitched and pulled like a champ. Got some good advise from Bob tthe wagon teamster about running the team thru some paces for a while that I thing we will take him up on just the same.
   But it  was good to have our ol' horse back. I'm thinking he just didn't feel good. I don't know if it was the antibiotics or the pain killers but  he is feeling better. We did a whole county today. Did 16 miles...maybe more.
   Our day started before we were even up, when Kathy dropped off an onion and a fresh pineapple to go with it. And a biiiiiig chocolate bar! Thanks Kathy!  As we were cruising down Hwy 39 a car pulled up and a lady stepped out. She handed Deb a piece of paper and asked Deb if we were taking prayer requests. How amazing is that? I understand word travels in small towns...but the faith that this woman exhibited is amazing. She believes in prayer...and she believes that your prayers make a difference. So much so that she wrote it down, got in her car, and drove to find us. So if you would please include her and her requests in your prayers today. Her name is Wynetta and she is praying for the salvation of her husband Keith, brothers Dwayne & Terry, and her brother-in-law Tom. Wynetta is a mail person and obviously a woman of great faith and she touched our  hearts.
   Next Tom and Paula Duckworth asked us to pray for Kay Lynn, she has Chrones desease.
   Jodi needs prayer for a job
   Wanda Granzow asked that we pray for her son Charlie Pilbean, he has some serious health problems.
   The second vet (Tom Traxel) that we called yesterday was in Grand Rapids, MI. all day and couldn't make it. He caught up to us and stopped to see how we were doin'. We told him Bob was much better. How cool was that of him? Outstanding people.He asked that we pray for a 4 year old boy who is in intensive care in Chicago. A swing set beam fell on him and crushed one of his lungs. Thanks Tom.
Please pray for Kay Cummings (liver problems)
Sylvester & Evelyn Hittel please pray for Evelyn she has a hard time getting around.
So, time to start looking for a place to land.  Seems everybody is out and about on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!  And then...Michelle found us.  She said her grandma had horses and plenty of room for us.  She turned around so we could "follow" her.  I don't really think cars go 3 mph because they always have to stop and wait for us. ;)  Anyway, we made it to her aunt and uncle's house and they said we could stay here because grandma's house was still 4-5 miles.  Too late & tired for that!  So, here we landed.  We are staying with the Radtke's tonight.  Alan and Evelyn.  Lots of family visiting for the day. We met the ones that were here and a couple that just stopped to check us out! They invited us in for spaghetti dinner and some AWESOME pumpin pie!  Thank you so much!!
Michelle Peretti, who lead us here, could really use alot of prayer.  Her husband took his life less than a year ago.  Very painful, please pray for her to be comforted and healed.
We met Michelle's mom, Donna Kinsler.
Evelyn's brother Guy Minix and his wife Adele and two of their children. Guy re-upped us on hay. Thanks so much!
And then there are the sons.  Five of them.
Les & Angie...Les is a minister and we can all just pray that he continues to do the work that the Lord has for him.
Nathan & Robin
Nicholas & Jennifer
Blake and Emily
Brock and his girlfriend Kimmy
Evelyn would like salvation prayer for 4 of her sons & families so that they can live the lives that she would like them to have!
They also have a prayer request for Bradley Burkett, he has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and is running in the 300's on his sugar levels! Waaaaay too high!
Well, I missed a couple of people that came to see us and help out while we were with the Fryman's.  Dale Clark and Shawn were also some of the great folks we met.  There was another gentleman but we never got his name.
So, the end of day 38.
Bob...thanks for the tips, worth a try!
That's it.  Good night and keep on believing!
God bless!


cowboybob813 said...

I hate this blog site we are on face book at slow road travel very easy I will try one last time to message you I hope it works

cowboybob813 said...

Well I think I have finally have it We are heading out west with two wagons 5 horses and 3 dogs we are south west of southbend and have heard of your travels. hope to meet you on the trail we are on face book at slow road travel and keep up the posts I have had quite a time with your blog as I am not that tech Hope to hear from you Bob at wagon teamster traveled with a freind of mine I use an amish young man as my mentor God bless and good travels

Terri said...

YeeeeeHaawww! Glad you got your horse back. Good to hear that Bob is himself and not trying to be a brat. Give him an extra pet for me.

Just can't believe the wonderful work you folks are doing and the people you are touching. Keep it up! We need more people in our lives like the two of you.

Bob (the Wagonteamster) said...

Hey CowboyBob,

Send me an E-mail at I would love to hear from you, but I currently don't have anyway of contacting you.

Bob Skelding

Shannon said...

So great to hear all the people that you touch (maybe you don't know this but you sure touch the lives of the people that you stay with). I know you appreciate the hospitality but we appreciate your faith and the reason for this journey!
Keep on keeping on in god's grace!
Dawsen would like you to give Bob and Casey a big squeeze for him :)