Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 19

What a day for driving! We really do not know how many miles we are gettin' the last couple of times out but we have to be around twenty. We left Nancy & Penny's home with the horses feet wrapped and treated. Thanks so much Lady's you are the greatest. Hope to see you next year. May the Lord bless you & hold you.
Bob & Casey had quite the day. Too much rest. (but we did get our laundry done and I did get to see a football game!!!) We had two absolutely enormous tractors to deal with in the first mile or so today. I am talkin' MONSTERS! They swallow the entire road themselves much less room for us. Bob was backin' and quick stepping. He tried darting into the ditch a couple of times and I wouldn't let him do that. I thought I was in training  for aligator wrestling for a minute. When the first set tires got to him (they towered over his head) I thought he was going into convulsions. Every mustle in his body was quivering, and bunched up...Casey was doing everything but squealing. I was just waiting for them to explode!!! And on came the second set of tires....  my wife hadda mild stroke at this point but she is recovering...then and only then did Bob find forward...some how we stayed outta the ditch and out from under the tires of the MONSTER. The second one went a little better but not much. So we started stressed and with too much energy. Normally I would let them trot it off but I am trying to keep the from banging their feet together (which is helping)
Then we hit hwy M89. First state hwy we have done. Way too much traffic, going way too fast, and no courtesy at all. And as stressed as the horses were it was just no fun for anyone. So we got off it as quick as we could. We took twenty fourth street. Busy but managable. I couldn't get the team settled STILL. So we just pulled over and prayed. My hand (the new 4 finger special) was killing me. Too much wrestling. We cast off demons and prayed a hedge of protection around us and when we left the side of the road we went smooth as silk. Thank you Lord!
We hit a little town today called Cooper. Casey was in all her glory, she thought she was in Hollywood again. Lots of cameras going and a few films rolling. But the road was busy and really didn't get much of a chance to talk with folks. It was a nice break though and we got an opportunity buy some water and Cokes.
Then this afternoon we hit a gigantic hill on D. It was nothing pretty by the time we got to the top. My heart went out to both horses. I am so proud of them. We rested and watered them at the top. They are an outstanding team and will give any a run for their $. 
So, today we crossed the Kalamazoo River, and RR tracks, and under 131!  Just after 131, an older NOT gentleman, cut us off so close that Bob jumped straight up!  Sounded like the car actually clipped his hoof, but no it didn"t...THANK GOD! Even tho we're not in the city, we are WAY too close for comfort.  No courtesy for the horses!  This won't happen again!!
So for the people we did get to talk to...we have some more prayer requests. I sure hope you all are keeping a list because we are adding more on daily!
Bill & Madonna Bryant, Madonna asked for prayer for Bill as he is VERY sick!
Harry Wells stopped and took a few pics and prayed for us on the spot!  Thanks Harry!  Can't get enough of that!  He also asked for prayers for his brother-in-law, Sonny Stanley, who is facing open heart surgery.
Darcy Tucker, for health and peace.
Rick for continued health for his entire family.
So, that's it.  A long day.  We're pooped.
OHHHHH...and we are spending the night at an auto repair shop.  Too late to go any further.  When we got here, the owner was just leaving for a 7 o'clock appt. but told us if we cleaned up after the horses we could stay.  The horses have a nice little piece of grass and we have our inverter cranked up.  The owner then came back and opened the shop so we could get plenty of water for Bob & Casey.  We carry 35 gallons so we had them watered but now we won't have to short them at all in the morning.  Thanks so much!
I guess we are faith building on this day.  Thank you Lord for getting us off the road and sooo much more!
God bless!


marion said...

Glad you are safe and may God keep blessing you.

Terri said...

I have started a new ritual since I met you back in your first week out. I get up feed the critters then make a cup of tea, say a prayer for your safety for yesterday and today then open up your blog to see how things are.

I have been driving horses for many years now and I know this is crazy but when you start getting nervous or the horses start worrying then start singing. Doesn't matter what you sing or if you are good at it or not just SING! Give it a try, it will help.

You have been sent on this journey for a reason and you are being watched over and touching others. You are both a wonderful blessing.

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Mark, what happened to your hand?