Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 17

Hi everybody! 10:00PM todays blog might be short. But what an outstanding day. The colors were brilliant and sun warm.We finally quit bothering Bo & Lisa and moved on. snicker-snicker. You folks were the greatest & we will miss you guys much. We got a good early start and made plenty of miles today. Probably our most ever...but we have no way of knowing that. The brakes worked great and made the horses day much better...& our day a lot less stressful!
Bob had a lot of trouble focusing all day today, start to finish. Then when we finally got stopped tonight we noticed him rubbing his head on Casey and generally mooning over her. So we recon she is cycling. We had no real incidents today. The horses wanted to trot a lot but I held them back because they kick there ankles when they do. They both have open sores from kicking their own feet with their shoes. We were praying along the way and talking about getting them some wraps for their ankles when we were passing through a little town called Hickory Corners. There was a gas station there so we stopped for a second to grab a bite. And here comes a guy walking along the street with two bags and asks if he can see the horses. His name Jim H. and his dad breeds Belgians.  We were talking to him about the feet and said we were going to wrap them asap.  He said, I have some at home! He walked home and got them.  So we put some bag balm on them and wrapped them up.  They were comfy the rest of the day!  How good is God?!  The best!
You know we always ask if there are any needs or prayers that we can offer, this mans name is Jim H. He struggles with alcoholism and asked that we pray for help for him to overcome this.  So we pray that he gets thru this and can live his life in freedom and peace. Please join us in this prayer.
Jerry would like prayer for his wife, Shelley, as she was in a terrible car accident and broke her hip and BOTH legs!
Then we met Dave & Tasha. Tasha is a Christian counselor.  They brought us each a diet coke from Mickey D's and a blessing!  Thanks you guys!  They would like to have some supporting prayers for their son, Nicholas. He is in seminary and is coming up on tests and trials.  They would like prayers for wisdom and discernment.  Sounds like a fine young man.  Thanks, Nicholas, for following your calling!
We passed a very cool site.  A lone grave.  It said, Chief Oganday? 1855.  The sign next to it said...Ottowa Nation.  Cool stuff!
Other than that????  It's late and we're tired.
We are all safe and sound with a couple of young ladies from Arkansas!  We'll be here for the night.
Horses are all tucked in and resting.  Soon, we will be too!
Good night and God bless!
P.S. This thing (blog) is somehow set for mountain time.  Our posts are actually 3 hours later than shows up on the time stamp.  Go figure!  Good night!


Anonymous said...

HI Deb & Mark (and Bob & Casey)

It sounds like you passed Mick Kokx place and made it quite a few more miles. I know where that grave is along Cressy Road. It's Chief Noonday. I'll try to find you a reference. I'm Sooo Glad that the brakes on the wagon seem to be cooperating now. I wish you many more interesting encounters and BLESSED miles to come! Lisa & Bo

Anonymous said...

hope things go well for you both,barb and i wish you safe passage across this great nation. it was great to meet you both. god bless

Journey for Jesus said...

Thanks Lisa! Very interesting stuff.
Bob...we will be emailing you..thanks for the hookup Lisa! Greatly appreciated.