Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 29

Today we stayed still.  Waiting out the rain.  No contacts, but, dry, warm & a nap!  Horses aren't too happy standing in a barn but the alternative is really unpleasant.  Rain & cold!
We took the dogs down with us to check on the horses and Sugar Rae was ALL the way at the top of the straw!!  She had her own great adventure today!!  Had to be 30 feet up!  Now she's all full of pep and nothing to do with it!
I do have some more pics to download and post but either Yahoo is being dumb, or our signal just isn't cutting it.  I'll get them.  More greats from Lisa & Bo.  And some from Sherry that I haven't been able to open at all yet!  I'll keep trying.  If at all possible, when you can send pics, please downsize before sending. 640 pix is great! Thanks
Thanks to all for following, hopefully we can get moving again tomorrow.
God bless!
Keep the faith!

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Bob and Denise said...

Love the pictures and thought of Sienfeld. Does this ring a bell? Kramer's "Any Town USA"? Love it Baby!