Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 200!!!!! and 201

Good morning!
We hope you all had a great Easter!  We surely did!  Church in the am then dinner with the Haynes then church in the evening then ice cream with Margaret, Glen and Robin!!  Thanks guys!
I see we've hit day 200!  Whoda thunk?!  When I look back, although the road travel was rough, it has been a blast so far!  Can't wait to see what the Lord has next in his plan!  Looks like we'll be down here for a bit.  The heat is way too intense for the horses on a day after day basis. Bob Skelding told us it would be too hot soon.  He was right.  Bob and Casey come right after God in this whole journey so they'll be glad for the stay.  But I'm sure we'll get plenty of days to do short travels.  There are still alot of prayers out there!
We'll have to travel by vehicle to see our peeps (people)!
Today is going to be a great sunshiny day!  Hopefully I can get a few things accomplished.  I seem so scattered!  I feel like I could sleep for days!  Good thing there's no T.V. reception or couch!  LOL!
Mark's mom is now on the internet and I see she left us a comment!  Hope you all had a great Easter too!  Sorry the phone call got cut off.  We hit a dead zone.
Well, off to the busy work.  You all have a wonderful day in the Lord!
I also meant to post thank you all for your prayers for our sis-in-law!  Results are in and there is NO cancer!!!  WOO-WOO!  What an awesome God we serve!
Anybody else have any praise reports?  We always wonder how everyone is doing?  Because we know that God answers prayer!
God bless and keep on praying!


Anonymous said...

i miss you

CLOE'S said...

Thanks for sharing praises - we have an awesome one - Our son Johnathon and his daugher, Tamika and son, Hayden will all be baptised on Sunday the 15th. This is a huge step forward for this family - Blessings all around.
Kudoos to you for making such a trip and always looking forward - this is so inspirational.
Love to you all John and Judy

crickette said...

I pray that God keeps you and yours safe!. Please continue praying for our pastor Bob Mesner. He is improving but prayers always help !

joan said...

Good to hear you are all ok. Hope you still remember me from Indiana.

sandi said...

God is awesome. We are blessed to serve Him. Glad all is well with you and yours. Sandi