Saturday, April 14, 2012

Days 203, 204, 205 & 206

Hi there!  Yes, we are still here!  Today we got to park down by the pond!  What a beautiful place to be!  Gotta look out for the water moccasins though!  UGH!
We have been having really bad reception here so blogging had been not so easy.  Some days I just let it go instead of waiting 1/2 hour to sign in.  BUT...we do have a very important prayer request!
Gina's mom had a mild heart attack after doing so well with the surgery.  Lots of not good things going on there!  She personally asked that Gina ask us all for prayer!  So, if we could all pray hard for her, she would greatly appreciate it!
Crickette...awesome!  We'll keep praying!
Joan...We love you too!
Cloe's...Hope the baptisms go great!
Gotta go feed and move horses now.  Glad I could get checked in ;)
We appreciate every single one of you and all of your prayers!  Thank you so much!
God bless!  Have a great Sunday!

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sandi said...

Glad all is well. Praying for you all. Blessings Sandi