Sunday, April 29, 2012

Days 219, 220 & 221

Good evening all! Sad news to start. Gina's mom passed away on April 25th. But I know that she is standing in the glory of the Lord in her new body and feeling 5000% now! Gina, our prayers are with you and your family while you heal. The last couple of days have been fun filled. NOT! Lots of work to do. Casie and Bob got moved to the big pasture but we had to run fences to keep ours from theirs. The chicken coop is coming along famously...but slow. Did you know that chickens lay down on their sides? I did not know that. I thought one was hurt when I saw it's leg sticking out from under it. Nope. Just having a rest! If you remember when we first got here, we met David Dodd. He came out on a cart with his 2 oxen. Well, he will be leaving this week on a journey of his own. With his oxen. 150 miles one way. So, please send your prayers with him for all the fun, joy & blessings that we received while we were out. He is a Christian man and just loves the Lord! Happy trails, David. See you in a few! That's all for tonight. On this, the Lord's day, in between services, we fished. And after. Awesome sabbath. God bless you all! Faith

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Terri said...

Always good to read how things are going and whar you've bee n doing. Keep up the posting and most of all keep up the great work of letting us know where prayers are needed. You are both a blessing to many folks.