Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 202

Hi everyone!
Had a great cooler day!  Able to cook a little!
A couple more praise reports! 
Bob Mesner (Crickette.s pastor) is coming along well but continued prayer would be helpful for him.
Gina's mom had her surgery today and came through great!  Some rehab and home!  Gina is very thankful for the prayer!
Cloe's...That is AWESOME!!!!  The best!!  Thank you for your prayers for us as well :)
Joan...we would never forget our "stalker"!  We're still here!
anon...I surely didn't recognize that address!  Do I miss you too?
That's about it!  I love praise reports!
I would like to ask for prayer for our son.  He sure is struggling.  He's been deployed twice and is having a time. Salvation is the answer!  Thanks!
God bless!


crickette said...

Thanks to God and prayers, our pastor is home! He has a lot more energy now!. Prayers for your son, may God help him quickly!

joan said...

Yay! I am the stalker. But I good stalker. I love you guys.