Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 211

Hi all!
Bob & Casie got their little feet done today!  They were not all that excited about it!  He just stood them in the driveway and when they were naughty, he used ropes.  Welllll, Casie finally got treated to a twitch, but other than that...He didn't get frustrated with them because he breaks horses to stand for shoeing.  He said today was a good lesson for them and they'll be better next time.
I saw a HUGE fish jump in the pond here today.  I better go out there soon and catch Mark some fresh dinner!
Today was bread making day!  Four loaves!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Four more tomorrow!
That's all that's new on this day.  We sure do appreciate you all!
Crickette...Thanks.  He surely has been with us from day 1.
God bless!


crickette said...

Be careful! That fish sounds like it may be a bass! I dont think the season is open on bass yet. But fresh fish is delicious! Maybe the laws arent for private lands. I love fishing, its relaxing!

sandi said...

Sounds like all is well. God is awesome. Enjoy the fishing. Blessings to you all. Sandi

Cindy Martin said...

We had some catfish for lunch,Johnny had 2 fiddlers and I had 2 fillets. They were so good.We were at Eddyville,Ky. Hope you all got some fish too, Have been away from the blog for awhile and have been reading to catch up. Love this weather.What a blessing. Johnny Martin Cindy and

CLOE'S said...

Fresh Fish!!! Sounds Like a Wonderful Southern dinner coming along with the fresh bread!!! The Lord continues to bless you both and those adorable "ponies". Happy Days - Blessings always