Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Days 192, 193, 194 & 195

Sorry for the delay!  We finally moved!  Only 6 miles but......  Good thing it was short, too, because that old fat girl, Casie, is waaaaaay out of shape!  Plus the heat?  She was pretty sure she was going to die!  But, we got here.  We are staying on Keith Haynes 5 acres, by his dad's house on Wenasoga Rd.  There is a camping trailer here so we have been busy trying to get water and electric all hosed and wired.  We're getting there.  The dogs are VERY confused.  Sugar Rae runs into the wagon every time she goes out.
I cannot go any further until I give thanks to the people at the North Corinth Baptist Church!  We have been there since the beginning of February.  We didn't feel that God was leading us any farther at the moment and Bob needed a rest and some weight. We have no words to express how much we appreciated the stay, the hospitality, the Word, just everything.  We have made some friends for life.  Thank you all!
 I am in the process of completely emptying the wagon.  Man, does it need cleaning!!  Good thing nobody ever accused me of being a neat freak.  We would have never gotten off our road!  Getting the picture?  Yes, it's a mess.  Sand and dust and what's that???  coffee grounds and, etc....
Did I mention that the girls on horseback made it to Houston?  Sure did!  1300 miles!  They were raising money for water wells in Haiti.  $15,000.00 to be exact! That will make 3 fresh water wells.  Their names are Brandy and Ashley Nelsey.  Brandy is 23 and Ashley is 21.  That was quite an undertaking for those young ladies!  I don't think I could do it on horseback, but then...they think we're crazy for taking this wagon on the road!  Great girls! Great job!  They, also, lived on faith throughout their journey and are on their way home.  Everyone is getting a ride home, girls and horses and puppy, Tae.
I still have to post those videos that I took of the reenactment guys.  I started once but it was really slow and I got very impatient.
We did get one prayer request on our way over here!  We met Anthony and Regina Graham.  Regina would like prayer about this strange weather.  Amen to that!  If you remember way back when we started, the horses had learned that if they saw a shade spot, they would head for it and stop.  Well, that's how we met the Graham's.  Bob was borrowing their tree out in front.  Those horses are too much sometimes and who says their not thinking animals!?
That's it for now.  I'll catch up some more tomorrow.
Crickette...thanks, it was fun seeing them.  Thank you for all of your prayers
Sandi...Your welcome.  I always try to address our comments because we so enjoy reading them.  It's like getting mail in our world ;)
Ok!  Keep the faith!  Have a great day!

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Ron and Thelma said...

We left Corinth on Monday. Had two blowouts on trailer tires. One about 30 minutes after the first. Had to call road service to bring new tire and put it one. Today got another new tire for spare. We a little over 200 miles yet to go. If you go to our blog I have a link to some pictures and a couple of videos from the reenactment Safe travels for you. Are you stayin in that area