Sunday, September 11, 2011


Had a really nice article written about us in the local paper.  Somebody that came to our sale tipped them off.  The reporter only knew to go down 52 to Miller Rd.  Turn right, first house on the right.  She was pleased, I think.
Anyway, here's the link to the story.  As agreed, it was written to give God the Glory, we're just going to try to spread it around some.
At this point, we are doing the "last minutes" and for some reason they take hours.  We are hoping for a Tuesday am departure.
All your prayers are GREATLY appreciated!!!
Thanks so much to all of our friends and family that have helped us get this all together so far.
For now, back to work.  We'll write again soon.
Faith!--Love ya' all!  God bless!!---Deb

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