Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 2

Ok.  We have been blessed again today. Started with a nice send off from Michelle & Ted & Amber. I can tell you that no matter what hardships we might find out here, there are always good people everywhere!  Thanks Ruhstorfers! We will keep you in our prayers for great blessings, like you were to us!
We went 7 more miles which, isn't much in the big picture, but better than yesterday and no break downs today. Yay God!!! The horses did good again today.  Hard work, lots of hills.  Today, Bob had to have a moment because of a pond he could see (HELLOOO...BLINDERS???) I actually had to get down and walk them back straight.  Sheesh! But, again, more than twice as much as yesterday.  They will get better everyday.  We're all learning together.
As we turned on to Cutler Rd., we met a lady (Linda) on her way to the bank.  She stopped to talk to us and said we should go down to her house so her husband (Steve) could see the horses and wagon. He drives a buggy and horse.
When we got down the road, he was waiting for us at the mailbox and led us in.  He already had water out for them. We met some of their family and friends and visited all evening.
They are wonderful Christain folks with stories to share!  Daughter (Brenda Hill (Steve)) is a walking miracle! She wears a neck brace that is the only visual sign of anything wrong.  But it is also the only thing left from an accident that almost killed her.  She told us that God was in every step of her gettng better and leading her where she had to be to get the proper care as most of the usual treatments would have killed her! See??  Miracles are still alive and well in America!
So, all in all, we're 2 days and 10 miles away.  Been blessed from the start.  Please keep us in your prayers! You know that enemy just hates when we step out to do the Lords work!  We pray he stays far away from us and ours!
Walk in faith!

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