Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 7

Hello all!
So another day is done and like the other 6, God was all in it!
We thanked the Athertons' and gathered our "stuff" in slow motion. It was such a blessing to have a day off. We got started a little late but made it 14 miles!  That's 57 total. Had to work with all the new shoes!  Apparently we were in an adjustment period. Struggled quite a bit in the beginning.
We had a great motorcycle road! Hills and twists and turns...not so great for horses!  But we plodded along and got through it all. They did their 1st railroad tracks today. Would have been smoother but for the flashing red light at the stop sign just ahead. Yikes!
We saw a llama come out of a shed with a baby following her close behind.  Just tiny!!  So cute! Bob, for some reason, doesn't seem to comprehend any animals outside of horses and dogs.  He just stares!  Like he's trying to figure out just what that might be.  He does the same thing with cows, sheep, mules, and yes, llamas.
They are getting used to the school buses and trucks coming and going around them and close to them. After we get through all the 1sts, we will be all set.  They learn fast.  They have also learned to smile for the cameras!  All day. 
Cars come back for pics and some just drive down the road making movies of them.  They are such a couple of hams!
Today was the 1st day we actually got rained on.  HARD! It's been off and on pretty much the whole trip but we have managed to avoid all but sprinkles.  Until today. And we got through that too!
The dogs are managing to learn that they don't own every house we go to and they ride well inside the wagon as we go.
We met more people today and have a new list of prayer requests...Terri Sweet would just like prayer.  She had an accident 10 years ago and actually died 3 times!! She has learned to slow down and love every minute of her life.  Alvin Spitzley just asked for over all health prayers. We did have a young lady in a pickup with lots of kids stop.  She asked lots of questions and thanked us for answering them.  When we asked if she had anything we could do for her or pray about, she said, We're Christians, we pray every night. We're on your team!
Then, of course, came the time to start praying for an overnight stop.  Within minutes we met Keolahou Able!  She was waiting at the bottom of her drive and said, do you have a place to stay tonight?  That is one AWESOME GOD!! Got to meet a couple of her neighbors that have raised Belgians, Percheron's, and just about everything else.  They have farmed with horses in their lives! We had dinner with Keolahou, her son Chris, Chelsie, and their beautiful 15 month old Lia. She (Keolahou)  and Chris are Hawaiian! They actually go there sometimes and shared some of the interesting culture from their home. We did not yet meet Mike, as he was at work. Maybe in the morning.
Then after dinner Keolahou gave us a blessing from her neighbors, Jerry & Lory Knight!  Thanks so much Jerry & Lory!
So, we are settled for the night at another GREAT home with more GREAT people! Please pray for great blessings for this family that shared a piece of themselves and their home with us for an evening.  Respite for us and our beasts!  Thank you so much.
God has met every need along the way, because that's what He does!
God bless!


Terri said...

What a Blessing today was! I was on my way home from lots of stress and as I came over a hill, what did I see? Yep it looked like the top of a wagon and sure nuf as I got closer it was two Belgians, a covered wagon and a small wagon behind. They were on the edge of the road resting the horses. I couldn't stop my truck fast enough! These are two of the special people in the world that God has sent out to do his work. And they are only starting but they are right on! I needed to see them today! Mark shared a prayer which I needed as I had not had the best of days. Thank you for that. Not only do we share the love of horses I find that we share the love of motorcycles. After reading their story I marvel at how they have taken something that wasn't the best in their lives and have turned it around and made it into what is going to be a truly positive journey. They have been blessed perhaps more then they realize right now. I also noticed that the guys at Clark Farms helped them and that friends that own mules helped them. They were on their way to Detweiler's and a harness shop which are all wonderful people that I know. Mark and Deb your journey has just begun but you will be touching many lives, sharing God's gifts and knowledge and you are so blessed. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Terri

Journey for Jesus said...

Thanks so much Terri. You are right in that we don't have a grasp on the "bigness" yet. We have learned already that the words thank you, cannot express the gratitude we feel for all of our blessings. We give God ALL of the glory for all we have, have seen, heard and the blessings we get from meeting all of you wonderful folks!
God bless!