Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day three

How many years have we been doing this??? Yikes!! We are wiped out tonight. Casey and Bob got twelve miles in today, with a few miles stones. They managed their first big bridge (over hwy 127), their ears went up and heads up so I just kept talking to them and Punkin and I praying and went over without a hitch. Whew! We did a lot of hills and more black top than we wanted to but we are safe and sound for another night (give God the glory).
Another first for them was the painted white lines in the road to warn you of an upcoming stop sign. AGAIN heads went up and their ears up, dancing around first rght-then left- then right again...pretty much everywhere but forward. I wrestled them across their first set without knowing what spooked them..and it wasn't until the next set that punkin picked up on's the painted lines she said and sure enough they commenced to dancin around again like Jed Clampet on corn liquor! Of course understanding that doesn't help much while your trying to wrestle them forward from my bucket seat. But the Lord was with us and Bob settled and went across. Casey still doesn't understand it was just paint. Bob just kinda dragged her across. Lord help us when we come to our first set railroad tracks!
People we met and prayers for today. Barb V. is a new widow and she blessed us with a nice resting spot for lunch. Everyone had a cold drink and hay or a sandwich at our buffet.  Please hold Barb in prayer. Life is tough on this earth without having to do it alone.
Next we met Norene. She chased us down to get a picture...which Bob and Casey, the forever hams, loved. So we asked what we could do for her or pray for her, a situation possibly or person? And she  looked at us with misty eyes and said I have a handicapped daughter named Jamie and we are trying to keep our home to raise her in. So we prayed and I ask all of you too to remember her and her situation in her prayers.
Well it is late and we are beat so I am signing off. Lord bless another Jamie for allowing us to rest four tired beasts and ourselves for the night. She said I am going to a party and probably won't be home tonight. Take all the space you need!
We are going to see if we can catch a church meeting tomorrow. Blessing of our Lord be upon each and everyone of you and goodnight.
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