Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 4

Well, good morning! Didn't get a chance to write last night.  Tired and dealing with a cold that's kicking our butts. But let there be NO doubt that the Lord is all the way in this journey with us!
We started out the day with a plan to keep on heading west.  Still trying to get to the ferrier (Henry D.) in Vermontville.  Not long after starting, our friend, Dale (ferrier), called.  He said that Henry was joining him on Thursday for a trail ride so we should call Henry and try to get there by Wednesday. UGH!!  A TIME LIMIT!!! Okay, so off we went.
Very shortly after starting out, we noticed that the pole (tongue) was rubbing Bobs' leg pretty much full time. He even had red paint on him from the rubbing.  Assuming that the pole got bent, we asked a passer by if there was a farm or anything close by where we could get a good look at it.  She said go back and go to the next road south. That there was a working farm there. After blocking the road with our turn around...we got where we were supposed to go.  Nobody there.  So since Casey was all sweat, it was a great place to have lunch. I'm telling you, these two were STUBBORN!!  All day we fought with them.  Had to send out a quick text for prayer. The tracks behind us looked like some drunk drove down the road.  We were just all over the place!
When we took off again, they were better.  Turned out the pole was rubbing Bobs' leg because he wasn't pulling at all!  No wonder poor Casey was pooped!
We did our calculations and sure enough, there was no way we were making Henry by Wednesday!  After 5 days we HAVE to rest the horses for 2.  No way.  It was by now after 4 in the afternoon so I prayed that the Lord start preparing somebodys' heart to ask us in.  In about 2 miles we saw a man working and checking us out.  Then Mark saw his wife.  She came to the road to tell us that they had mules in the next pasture, so don't let them spook the horses.
We talked with her for a few minutes and she said we have water and a hitching post if you need.  We kind of debated because at ths point, we knew we needed every mile we could get.  She asked, "where are you going?" So we gave her the reader's digest version of our time constraints and why we have to get to Vermontville.  She asked, who are you going to see there, Henry D.? Cause he'll be here in the morning to do my horses (mules)!  WHAT!?!?!?! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?
So, needless to say...we are here at the Stralings and Henry is on his way.  He may not be able to do them here but he can get them fixed up good enough to get us to stocks for a goooood job of shoeing!
How amazing is that? The Lord is in every single thing and we so often miss it. I guess it takes going 3.5 miles an hour and knowing that you have so many needs to see just how His hand is always there.
Speaking of needs, some folks stopped and talked to us on the road and when we asked if there was anything we could do for them or pray about, Mom asked if we could all pray for her son, Gary, to return to the Lord. So, there's the prayer request for the day. Please and thank you :)
Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about the nifty shower we bought! We set up our nice surround for privacy and busted out the shower that heats the water instantly.  HA!! first of all, I guess it would have to pump enough water to heat...2nd...let's just say standing around in the privacy WITHOUT clothes, doesn't make anyone feel better about the cold trickle from the nozzle.
I know that Mark writes a more colorful account of our comings and going, but he's out working and I'm inside where it's dry.  So, by default, I wrote the story of Day 4. 8 miles today. 30 total.
God bless, and keep the prayers coming. We'll do the same!

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Rick C. Hodgin said...

Awesome, and in so many ways. :-)