Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Next morning

Good morning to all...sorry we're late with this. Got in late last night but had a great day. Left the Straling's in the rain, fact is it tried to wet on us all morning off and on. But we stayed dried for the most part. Thank you Lord. And thank you so much to the Stralings.
At one point we were roaring down the road at about 3-3 1/2 miles an hour and this little red car came up behind us and stayed there. Stalking our every move. They wouldn't pass us for anything. I'm thinking to myself "come around pal, come around! What are you doin'? " I G'ed over to let um pass and he would get over right behind us...steady stalking us...stalking us...finally they pulled up next to us. I waited for an automatic weapon or a good cussin' to come out the window. But alas...lo and behold out popped the smiling face of Larry & Linda S., our good friends from Perry. Her and Larry had chased us down and came to visit. So great to see some familiar faces! Thanks guys.
Lost our brakes this morning...scary stuff. We were heading down hill and I had no way to keep the wagon from running the horses down. We started the day with very little. and a couple of hours in we had none on the last two hills. But you can not just stop on a country road and wait for a service truck to come rescue you. So we started praying intensely. Crying out to God saying we can not fix this please help us Lord. We prayed around this big bend and when we came out of it we saw huge grain silos and lots of them up in the distance. We knew it was either a huge fram or grain elevator. The closer we got the more buildings we saw. We asked God to please let there be someone there who can have a look at the brakes and tools to do it. So we pull in and there is farm machinery and construction equipment everywhere. When we pulled up in front of the first of many machine sheds I said "Hi  fellows don't suppose there's anyone here who could look at our brakes?" They laughed and sure but said that they were disappointed because one of the fellows said "look the Budwiser wagon is coming in" and they got two belgains instead of clydesdales, two mutts instead of a dalmation and two holy rollers instead of kegs of beer. But they were great folks and we enjoyed working on the wagon. They found grass for the horses, helped get um some water liked the covered wagon. One fine gentlmen even went home and got us some hay to restock us. They said "we never worked on this model before but we will try to figure it out!".All said and done there was a nut that needed tightening at the Y in the front brakes. And they cut out one wheel on the rear brakes that had a brake cylinder leaking. So we have brakes on three wheels and are good to go. All work and fluid for free. So a big shout out to CLARK FARMS, SAND GRAVEL, in Eagle, Michigan,Chad, Matt and Scott. If any local folks get an opportunity to throw some business their way God bless you and them.
So once again God had us right where we had to be, when he wanted us to be there. All in all we had a great day. 13 miles and a brake job ain't a bad day.
I forgot to tell ya all that our ferrier Henry D. had no time to help us...he is booked solid.  He looked at Casey and Bob's feet and said we could probably get a day or two if we stayed on the asphalt and he helped us with names and numbers to a couple other good ferriers he knows. So bless him and his great help.
Day 5 prayer requests :
Val is a councelor at a school and she is over whelmed by the great needs of the kids around her. She asks that we pray that the Lord give her strength in her job with these children.
A family has asked that we pray for Herb and a cure for parkinsons.
Once again as the sun was setting my Punkin looked at me and said, I should start praying in a place to stay tonight and we did. About 1 maybe 2 miles later while traveling down grand river south of Portland a gentleman and his wife pulled over and asked us if we had a place to stay for the night. They were Jerry Litchfield and his wife. Thank you for listening to the small voice of God and welcoming strangers to your home. But they were still 4 or 5 miles away and we knew Casey & Bob didn't have that much left in them so we had to pass. Then Jerry said that their Pastor is only 2 miles away, and let's see what he says. They drove there and drove back to us and said they were waiting for us and told us how to get there. God is so amazing!! And God bless the children of God who live & walk his heart.
One last testimony to share. My wife prayed a sweet little prayer today while we were catching a little rain. "oh Lord how nice a hot shower and a diet coke would be". I silently prayed the same thing for her. She has been such a trooper through all this. Well guess what., She got the both on that day. Linda S. was sweet enough to give her a quick ride to town and The Pastor and his wife where we are parked, Roy and Kathy Athereton (Imagine This Church ) opened their home to us for a hot shower.
That's it for today...please remember to pray for Day 5 prayer needs, and God bless.

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