Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 6

A DAY OFF!!! Can I get a Huuu-Rahhh? Actually it was a matter of nessecity . The horses had no foot left to go on. Bob had some small bruises on his fronts and Casey's rears were wore to limits. So Henry who we met yesterday had his nephew call us. He came out to the farm we stayed at and trimmed and shod them here. Great service at a great price. His name is Hank D. and his driver and associate is John. Two better Christian men you will not find. Good company-some good laughs and good fun.
Hank took his time and looked over the horses. He gave us a good tip to keeping Caseys head straight so she doesn't pull Bob around. He also noticed some wear on Bob's chest where his collar goes and recommended we stop at the harness shop and let him have a look. How cool is that? So that is our next stop. Besides it's on the way to Hank's house. He asked us which way we were going south. So we asked what roads he recommended? he said take Bradley straight south. We said ok...why? He said "that's the road I live on come and spend a night with us." Every Amish man we have met on this journey has been that kind of person. Good Christian men and a pleasure to spend time with.
We also met Deann who does missions at Imagine This Church in Grand Ledge. She asked us to do a short filmed interview for her ministry and we obliged and were happy to help. Hope God gets the glory.
We were also blessed again by pastor Roy and his family by allowing us to do laundry. Thanks sooooo much. They offered us another night but we have to kindly refuse as winter is closing in and we would like to be 500 miles souther before we wrestle with that monster from this rig.
Please pray for our friend Sue who's sister-in-law died. Sue is a friend of Punkin's Harris's and one of the dearest christian ladys you will ever meet. We are sorry for her loss.
A great day. First leg of the journey is complete. Next stop the harness shop.
Good night and God bless to all. Thanks for traveling with us, and praying with us. Jesus is the answer.

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