Thursday, September 22, 2011

On our way!

So...we're off!  Only made 3 miles today then the evener snapped right in half. Thank God we're still close enough to make some phones calls for help.
Thank you Bill L, Larry S, & Don G!!
But, while sitting in the road, an awesome lady (Michelle) came out to us and said that if we could move at all to pull into her property.  So that's where we are for the night.  Michelle is and does, make cookies for the soldiers. We got to help taste test and...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Great stuff and a simple recipe to take with me! Water, electric, a place to fence the horses for the night. All set for our 1st night out.
Bob & Casey did great! They actually had to pull up a small hill  but they did fine.
The dogs, however, think they should be allowed to just hang out wherever they want without restraint. HA!  New world!  But they still love us :)
Everyone we passed was very courteous. Stopped to let us pass.  Even the garbage truck.  Even tho it was standing still, Bob was spooky going around. Mark says thet don't like standing still stuff. But, he made it by just fine. These guys will be completely different horses in a very short time when we are going every day.  Good thing they're young!
So, the Lord took good care of us on this 1st day of our adventure.  And I'm sure He always will.
Faith! The only way to go!